The Best Roulette Bets

Roulette is a casino game with unpredictable results, so trying to anticipate which numbers will appear through observation of past results would be futile. Furthermore, placing outside bets only (such as red/black and odd/even) should also not be relied upon as this strategy will likely fail as well.

There are various roulette betting systems that can help you balance losses and gains over time, including D’Alembert and Martingale betting strategies.

Straight up bet

Straight up bets on single numbers are one of the top roulette bets, offering payouts of 35:1. They’re ideal for players looking to increase their odds of success; though more risky than other kinds, straight bets could bring big returns and are recommended as one of the safest options for newcomers.

High or Low (1:1) bets cover half the numbers on the wheel; however, should a ball land in any zero pocket then this bet will lose heavily to favor of the house. In contrast to even money outside bets however, this one can also be used with Martingale system betting systems.

For added excitement, consider making a corner bet (8:1). This type of wager covers four numbers in a square and allows you to narrow your options down by about 1/3rd while still offering great returns while being less risky than straight bets.

Split bet

When playing roulette, certain bets can greatly increase your odds of success. These bets are known as outside bets and offer 1:1 returns when winning any number you select from the betting table. They should always be placed near the odds/even, red/black, or high/low sections on the betting table for optimal success.

If the idea of placing a straight bet gives you cold feet, an alternative option to increase payouts while limiting risk is to place two chips between two numbers on the felt. While payouts will be lower than with straight betting strategies, the increased chances of hitting your number make split betting one of the best roulette bets available to you.

An alternative approach is placing a six line bet, which involves betting on four adjacent numbers that intersect and pay out 8-to-1 odds. It can help players cover more of the table with less chips.

Odds of winning

Roulette odds depend on the type of bets placed. Outside bets offer high payouts with reduced house edges; such as red/black and odd/even bets. Unfortunately, these bets don’t guarantee a win every time and may be riskier. If your bankroll is limited, Tiers du Cylindre bet can help build it quickly.

Alternatively, try placing chips on two adjacent numbers on the felt to place a split bet instead. While its payout might be lower than its straight bet counterpart, its odds remain the same and probability remains equal. Or bet on columns which cover large portions of the table with payout ratios as low as 1:1–an ideal bet for players looking to multiply their money quickly without exerting too much effort!


If you want to increase your winnings when it comes to roulette, consider adopting an outside bets strategy. Outside bets typically pay out more frequently and provide a safe alternative to high-risk inside bets; however, keep in mind that using this system could mean more losses than wins due to table minimums/maximums and table limits/maxima that may obstruct its use.

Corner bets (8:1) are an increasingly popular way of betting that cover four numbers in a square. It offers greater safety than straight bets, as its odds are much higher than odd/even or low/high bets and easier to place; however, losing streaks could prove costly so conservative bet amounts should be used when placing this bet. Using Martingale system or D’Alembert strategy are great choices; both start small depending on bankroll size before increasing after every loss respectively.

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