Poker Accessories

Poker accessories add authenticity and help players maximize their enjoyment of games, such as chip cases, card shufflers and dealer buttons. Most often found in aluminum briefcase-style cases; luxury wooden cases are also available.

Its green felt surface looks elegant while providing friction that keeps cards from flopping or sliding around the table, comfortably accommodating 10 players with cup holders included.


There are various types of poker tables, and your choice should depend on your needs and preferences. For instance, a full-size table would make a good choice when hosting large groups, while smaller tabletop models may work equally as well if space is an issue.

Folding poker tables offer casual players an affordable solution, featuring high-quality felt surfaces for easy transport with their convenient carrying bags – not to mention they take up much less space than traditional standing poker tables!

If you prefer more permanent setup, consider investing in a poker table with chairs. This will enable you to relax and focus solely on the game while practicing for tournament play – and these tables often come equipped with fixed dealer positions and cupholders for keeping drinks out of other players’ way.


If you need to store large quantities of poker chips attractively, a case is an excellent solution. They come in various styles and can hold up to 1000 chips comfortably while providing storage for two decks of cards or dice. These cases are much heavier than standard silver aluminum cases and feature reinforced locking latches, making them an excellent choice for serious poker players and easy to transport – an invaluable addition to any home game! Poker chip carriers come in various wood materials like mahogany and oak with various chip capacities to meet any poker player’s preferences. Furthermore, removable trays, chip carousels and carriers make handing out each player’s chips easier during tournaments.


Chips are an integral component of poker, serving as money that players use to place bets. By eliminating cash’s use and potential theft or counterfeiting concerns, they also help reduce theft and counterfeiting concerns. Individuals playing at home may wish to acquire personalized chips that reflect their style or brand – this may especially be relevant if they own their own custom table.

The JP Commerce set includes 500 standard 11.5 grams chips without denominations printed on them and comes complete with a sturdy aluminum poker chip case, dealer button, and two decks of cards. Other options are Claysmith Gaming set’s colored chips with different values printed on them which come complete with dealer button and two decks of cards for playability; or ceramic chips which offer superior strength as well as more customization for individual graphics designs.

Dealer trays

Dealer trays can add an elegant professional touch to any home poker table, offering convenient storage of chips in various sizes at the table itself. Available separately or as part of a complete set, these accessories provide convenient solutions for keeping everything tidy during gameplay.

The 350 piece Professional Dealer Tray features extra deep rows to accommodate any size poker chips, and card slots designed to store two decks of cards. Easy installation ensures it sits flush in any poker table; its wide lip prevents it from falling through while remaining sturdy enough to withstand spills or impacts.

This dealer tray is constructed of black ABS plastic and includes eight rows to hold approximately 350 casino chips. Furthermore, there are slotted card holders for missing blind buttons or cut cards and slotted card trays as additional storage for missed blind buttons and cut cards. A perfect replacement if your poker table has experienced damage to an existing tray!

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