<strong>How Are Online Slots Proven Fair?</strong>

We all have that friend that insists that online slots are scams. The friend will claim that the games pay out only at specified times, or that the software trick players in devious ways. Could any of this actually be true?

The short answer is that no, online slots are certainly not scams. The software behaves in a completely unbiased, random way, according to government certified systems. More to the point, it would be virtually impossible for regulated online casinos to use fraudulent software. Every aspect of online gambling operates according to the law.

Let’s take a closer look at how slots operate, and how they are regulated.

Licenses Matter

An online casino must obtain a license from a regulatory entity like the MGAbefore it is allowed to operate. This means that the operator must prove to government officials that it is completely legal. If there is any sign of an irregularity the operator will be denied a license. If receiving a license the operator is allowed to offer services, though will still be audited on a regular basis.

The software an operator uses is also carefully inspected. This includes any online slots. Each slot makes use of random number generators (RNG,) as well as return to player (RTP) statistics. These systems ensure that every slot is truly random, gives back a certain amount, and never functions incorrectly.

What Is RNG And RTP?

Virtually every game at an online casino uses RNG in some way. If you’re playing online Blackjack real moneygames, for example, the positions of the cards in the deck must be truly random. Software, no matter how sophisticated, will fall into a predictable pattern. That is where RNG comes in. RNG is hardware designed to generate truly random numbers. Even the technicians that created the systems don’t know which numbers are being generated. These are the systems are used to determine how online slots function.

RTP determines how much is given back to the player over a period of time. A slot may have an RTP of 98%. This means, theoretically, that 98% of every dollar bet will be given back. This doesn’t mean that the full 98% will be given back immediately, but that 98% should be given back over time. It is for this reason that experienced gamblers prefer to play slots with the highest RTP possible.

Beware Of Rogue Gambling Sites

All the above regulations apply only to licensed sites. Although less common than they used to be, illegal sites do exist. Given that the sites aren’t regulated, and are not required to answer to the law, they may engage in all sorts of illegal activities. It isn’t impossible that the unlicensed sites use improper software, illegal systems, and may even outright steal money.

This is why it is important to play only at properly licensed casinos. Before you make a deposit and start playing be sure to double check that a site is legal. Proof of licensing can normally be found at the bottom of a casino’s homepage. Click the license for further details.

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